Bright Base Executive Game

Together with 4 or 5 colleagues, you take on the challenge to improve your data awareness, data literacy and agility. You gain experience with common pitfalls when working with data. We increase your data mindset and after playing you will understand the importance of information-driven working.

  • You help the CEO of Bright Base prepare a statement for the press conference that will take place in an hour. Media and government have questions about the many managers who (have to) leave the organization;
  • You and your team will use data, i.e. facts, to collect information to explain what is happening in the organization;
  • There are various data sources that you must combine to arrive at a conclusive statement. Some data you only get by working well together and other data you only get when you solve a puzzle. But is all data reliable and can you call it information?
  • You and your team must therefore look critically at the data to come to the right conclusion.
  • In short: time pressure, collaboration, critical data mindset, fake news, unreliable data and good information.

After playing the Virtual Escape Room, we provide a debriefing. During this debriefing we will discuss, among other things:

  • What did you learn during the game?
  • What does information-driven working mean to you

We also provide an interactive session where we delve deeper into information-driven working and discuss current (data) themes within the organization. Informing employees about the data strategy or topics that employees can propose themselves can also be discussed in this tailor-made session.

  • Number of players per escape room: 4 (maximum 5)
  • The game, the debriefing and the interactive session can be played both offline and online (Zoom)
  • Number of teams per debriefing and interactive session: 3 to 4 (12 to 20 people)