The game

A murder has been committed. Tonight on the Erasmus Bridge. No trace of the perpetrator. No weapon, no witnesses, no suspects. The Murder Game is an online data escaperoom game in Virtual Reality. You have to solve the murder within an hour. Data, information, sharing, collaborating, combining, and analyzing. Will your team manage to find the perpetrator?

The people

Suitable for all levels in the organization. Four players per game. Logged into a meeting online together and started working on a shared murder board. Would you like to investigate the crime scene with your own VR glasses? Everything is possible. If your company takes data seriously, then our Murder Game (data escaperoom) is definitely recommended. If you are at the start of a data program or project, this is a nice awareness-raising ‘entertainment’. Or if you have a learning program for management and employees about data, then this is the best opening module. Solve a brutal murder together in our online Data Escaperoom.