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More fun, unconscious learning through gamification! Smart Training Center wants to make training attractive, fun, motivating and educational so that you remember the training years later.


Smart Training Center gamifies and interactiveizes (existing) training courses, workshops, assessments and webinars. How do we do that?


Smart Training Center is the platform for interactive and/or gamified training. We offer training and baseline measurements for existing and newly developed training courses.

Training & Gaming.

Interactivate Training

Smart Training Center interactives new and existing training courses. Experiencing training interactively delivers enormous learning returns. We can make existing training courses interactive through smart solutions. Combined with baseline measurements we save time, energy and ultimately money.

Training & Gaming

Training through Serious gaming is a fun and challenging way to work on current topics, such as data and agile, that are important within an organization.

Baseline measurement

Baseline measurement A baseline measurement is an inventory of the current situation in which the results are taken into account as a starting point for further research.

Escape rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms are games where you and your colleagues experience a unique experience as a team and where you unconsciously increase your data awareness and agility.


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Time Travel Survey

Do you want to collect information in and around your organization; about, for example, employee satisfaction, your data maturity, behavior and culture, or about your customers? Approach it completely differently.